Meet with Dr. Yasmin Elshenawy

YASMIN ELSHENAWY, M.D., FCAP, ECNU is an interventional cytopathologist and is Board Certified by the American Board of Pathology in Cytopathology, and in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. She completed her pathology residency training at East Tennessee State University, followed by a one-year fellowship in cytopathology at the Medical University of South Carolina. Prior to her pathology residency, she completed a one-year fellowship in the infectious disease pathology branch at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Dr. Elshenawy also achieved the endocrine certification in neck ultrasound (ECNU) and is the first pathologist in TN to be ECNU certified. ECNU is a professional certification awarded to clinicians who have expertise in thyroid ultrasound and procedures. She provides a daily diagnostic ultrasound scan for head/neck regions including thyroid, parathyroid, and salivary glands. She also provides detailed cervical lymph node mapping for metastatic malignancy or lymphoma. She is skilled in the early detection of recurrent thyroid cancer.

Dr. Elshenawy has successfully finished Master Course for RFA and corresponds with multiple RFA leaders in Europe and Brazil to learn more about the technique. Finally, after two years she had brought this new technology to her region and serves her patients.

YASMIN ELSHENAWY, M.D., FCAP, ECNU is an interventional cytopathologist

Dr. Elshenawy has performed more than 10,000 Fine needle aspiration biopsies as well as their diagnosis/interpretation which are given to the patients immediately. She also performs ethanol ablations for head and neck cysts as well as metastatic cancer lymph nodes.

Dr. Elshenawy is an active member in the College of American Pathology and Tennessee Medical Association. She has published articles in field of cytopathology and surgical pathology and also serves as an adjunct faculty member for the ETSU pathology department.

Her mission is to offer the finest service in a cost-effective manner for her patients.